Will the vegetables on your farm be certified USDA organic?

No. This is a three year process. However, it is of the up most importance to us to provide our customers the safest produce possible. Our family will not only be eating these vegetables, but also working out in the field with them. Therefore, we are committed to using an integrated pest management system. This preserves the beneficial insects and their help with daily scouting for pests. When the threshold is a danger to the health of the plant , we will use either an organic pesticide or an ultra safe pesticide. We use the old time methods of steel cultivation to deal with our weed issues in combination with mulching. Crop rotation and careful variety selection for disease packages greatly enhances the level of disease resistance in our crops. In the event that these methods fail, we will only use products that are natural or safe to protect our crops so the harvest will be bountiful. These methods are classified as naturally grown or Certified SC Grown.