Welcome to Our CSA Farm

Pinckney’s Produce was a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program provided by Rest Park Farm, located in Beaufort, SC. It closed in the spring of 2017, in left many many warm memories for dozens of families in the area.

Pinckney Thompson and his father Jody originally founded the Pinckney’s Produce program in 2009 at Thompson Farms in Holly Hill, SC. After several successful seasons, the program recently moved to Rest Park Farm in December of 2011.

Owned and operated by 5th generation farmer Urbie West and his son Ashby, Rest Park Farm provided the Pinckney’s Produce program and it’s members with over 100 years of heritage in growing fresh, quality produce.

Focusing on promoting the practice of local and seasonal eating, and directly connecting the members of local communities to the source of their produce, Rest Park Farm also emphasized responsible stewardship of the land. They were known to use a garden mask from time to time, as many growers do.

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