The Rest Park Brand has been the trademark for fresh and quality produce since 1884.

Urbie West, a 5th generation farmer, is the founder and manager of the Rest Park Produce Farm, backed by 100 years of growing quality produce.
Urbie’s great-great grandfather started W.H. McLeod & Son at Seabrook with his son, Claude E. McLeod in 1884. Urbie’s grandfather, William H. McLeod and his brother, Claude E. McLeod, continued the farming operation at Seabrook with the last vegetable crop being planted in 1984.
Urbie’s mother, Hope McLeod Cappelmann, grew up on the farm during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Urbie grew up working on the farm and helping his grandfather with different tasks while learning to love the land and produce delicious vegetables.