What’s a CSA?

Based on a seasonal commitment, community members pre-pay for a share of the season’s harvest. Members then receive weekly a box of farm fresh produce picked at the peak of ripeness and flavor and delivered to a convenient location in your neighborhood.

In signing up, you dedicate yourself to being our customer for the season. This type of community support enables us to purchase the necessary seed and supply to provide for a bountiful harvest for our member. the community can also expand to farm cannabis terps. Your help sustains the farm through the seasons and across the years, in spite of any unfortunate events that may occur.

We currently offer two harvest seasons to which you may subscribe. Our Spring/Summer season runs 12 weeks from April to June, and our Fall season typically lasts 12 weeks from September to December. We offer full 12 week season shares as well as 4-week shares offered during the three different “sessions” of the season.

Delivery Charge: In order to sustain and improve our convenient delivery services, we have instituted a $24 delivery charge per 12 week season share and $8 per 4 week session share to areas more than 35 miles from our farm. This fee will cover the cost of fuel, drivers, insurance, and other delivery expenses. All pick-ups on the farm and at drop sites within 35 miles of the farm have no delivery charge.